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New Trans Ova satellite facility at Plain-Knoll Holsteins.

Buschur Dairy and Plain-Knoll Holsteins have partnered with Trans Ova to provide a local IVF satellite station for collection of high quality embryos and outstanding customer service and attention to detail.

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'In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the process of creating embryos from oocytes (unfertilized egg cells) by fertilizing them with semen in a Petri dish. Oocytes are first collected from the ovaries of donors by ultrasound-guided follicular aspiration. They are then matured in a Petri dish and fertilized 20-24 hours later. Conventional, sexed frozen, or reverse-sorted semen may be used for fertilization. Oocytes then develop in an incubator for seven days, at which point the resulting viable embryos are transferred into recipients.  Good-quality IVF embryos may be frozen with very acceptable results. Pregnancy rates from frozen IVF embryos in Trans Ova recipients have averaged 45-50%. If clients would like to freeze IVF embryos, Trans Ova will be very selective on the quality of embryos that are frozen. Embryos that do not qualify for freezing should be transferred fresh or discarded. 

Plain-Knoll King Royal

We run IVF every other Wednesday at our location. You can contact Bess with any questions or to schedule, and you're also welcome to come observe a session and ask questions - just contact Mackenzie at (937) 467-0768 in advance.


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