Plain-Knoll Holsteins

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Bucher Men

Left to right - Jake, Steve, Pat, Andy, Robert, Jim, Ryan Buschur

When Robert Buschur returned from WWII, he and his wife, Rita, milked a handful of cows to help provide for their growing family, on their farm located near North Star, OH. From their family of twelve (nine sons, and three daughters) several of their sons showed an interest in dairying. In 1982 they were incorporated and Buschur Dairy Farms was established. They registered their herd under the prefix Plain-Knoll Holsteins, so named because they owned some flat land, along with some hilly land and a self-deprecating sense of humor.

Buschur patriarch, Robert, passed away October 2014. Plain-Knoll lives on as four sons and one grandson are current members of Buschur Dairy. Nearly 30 of Robert's fifty-eight grandchildren have worked on the farm over the years. With over 65 great grandchildren under the age of 13 (and growing steadily), it is a safe bet that the family farm will continue to be a place where the next generation can develop their work ethic and responsibility.

The management style of Buschur Dairy is based on producing milk of the highest quality, keeping the cows as comfortable, productive, and healthy as possible, and taking care of the land that they have been entrusted with.

Our breeding philosophy is based on breeding for beautiful, well balanced, long lasting cows that are capable of extremely high production. This philosophy has enabled us to market around 40% of our herd each year for dairy purposes, without the benefit of sexed semen. Our passion for good cows was fueled when the dairy was selected to be a cooperator herd for the Select Sires ART program, which has given us the opportunity to have many uncommonly high genomic cows within our herd of 680 registered Holsteins.


The Buschur Family was featured in the Select Sires, Inc. Selections Newsletter Summer 2013.
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